Maestro move: Florida chief casts eyes back home

Ramón Tebar, principal conductor at Florida Grand Opera and music director of the Palm Beach Symphony, has been named chief conductor of the Orquesta de Valencia in his native Spain.



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  • How? Tebar is a total fraud. See if even one musician in either of his Florida orchestras disagrees with me.

    • FLBSN – I am one of those musicians that “totally” disagrees with not only your comment but everything you represent. Get a life beyond trolling ignorance.

    • I cannot believe my ears. You must be an anti-anything. Clean your ears. Musicians love and respect him. Jealousy?

  • A superb musician, he turned the atrocious opera band into a good – sometimes excellent – orchestra in a matter of months and continue to improve. A fraud? Hmmmm…… nope, at all.

    • The orchestra is not hired by Tebar, but rather by a contractor, with the players generally the same from show to show, year on year. The success of the ensemble is thus directly related to the person on the podium, and given that the two best productions of the past two seasons (Eugene Onegin and The Passenger) were not conducted by him, the proof is in the pudding.

  • FLBSN may have spoken a bit hyperbolically, but the sentiment is correct. Tebar is indeed not a first class musician. He proudly proclaims he’s never studied conducting, and it shows: he doesn’t give entrances, seems woefully buried and lost in the score much of the time, lacks authority in how to show musical interpretation (aside from throwing tantrums or raising his voice), and has little understanding of how the instruments of the orchestra function alone or together. Added to this is his often condescending attitude toward the singers and instrumentalists; this isn’t unique among conductors, of course, but given his level of accomplishment, he has even less of a leg on which to stand.

    There’s no doubt some musicians like him, as with any conductor, but it’s hardly a sign of jealousy for someone to be critical of Tebar — just an opinion like anyone else’s. The day FGO engages a truly first class conductor who involves him/herself in this community while earning and giving the respect this old, A-house and its audience deserve will be a great one indeed.

    • One thing Miami does not need is hearing bullshit from idiots like you and FLBSN. Amateurs dwell in negativity. Please post your name and credentials – a good laugh will at least ensue.

      • FYI – Steven Mercurio (Passenger) and the Russian conductor (Onegin) were great. What your mind does not grasp due to possession of a sickness is…..Apples – Oranges.

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