Just in: Mirga cancels Hollywood

Just in: Mirga cancels Hollywood


norman lebrecht

July 31, 2017

The soaring Mirga Grazinytė-Tyla has pulled out of tomorrow’s Hollywood Bowl concert, a rare cancellation for illness.

Her replacement is the Liverpool music director Vasily Petrenko, who happened to be around as he’s working with the LA Phil two days later.

The program is unchanged.



  • Ungeheuer says:

    The real news here is the appearance of the extraordinary Beatrice Rana.

    • Ungeheuer says:

      “Trolling” alert

      (Who doesn’t need to bare herself to the, well, bare essentials or promote herself as the town harlot to establish her superb musicianship)

      • Cyril Blair says:

        If you think showing a bit of skin is the same thing as having sexual intercourse (or performing a sex act) for money, please seek help. You can start with a dictionary.

        I would like all of the commenters here who compare Wang to a harlot or prostitute to do so to her face. You’d sooner shrivel up and die in a corner.

        Stop with the John Calvin, Thomas of Torquemada bull@#$%.

        • Ben says:

          Cyril, the fact that you resort to nasty curses have further affirm that your argument is groundless, your view blindly biased.

          Much like many westerners picking Asians for their accent and grammar. Childish.

          What make you think you cannot speak up to any musician/artist? If you are truly passionate in music, you would not treat any artist as an dictator, diva nor idol.

          Don’t forget: Despite their fame and worth, they need us more than we need them.

          If you fail or don’t care to realize that, no harm done. Please continue to enjoy the music you love.