Just in: A Verdi Requiem will be sung for Grenfell Tower victims

Just in: A Verdi Requiem will be sung for Grenfell Tower victims


norman lebrecht

July 04, 2017

The opera company nearest to the site of the disaster, Opera Holland Park, will perform Verdi’s Requiem on August 1 to raise funds for the victims – among whom is one cherished member of OHP’s staff.

Tickets have just gone on sale online.

The soloists will be Anne Sophie Duprels, Yvonne Howard, Neal Cooper and Barnaby Rea, with the Opera Holland Park Chorus, the City of London Sinfonia and conductors Sian Edwards and Peter Robinson.


  • Alexander says:

    very noble deed ( as BBC could have probably added “indeed”) … after that who can say the classical music and score human values are not synonyms

  • Fan says:

    Who are supposed to be the target audience?

    • Alexander says:

      don’t you want to join ?

    • Bruce says:

      Since it’s a fundraiser for those affected, I’d think the “target audience” would be anyone who wants to help.

      • Mike Schachter says:

        How odd that this question even arises?

        • Bruce says:

          Oh, it’s pretty clear what “fan” is doing. The question is questionable, if you will, but it’s not at all surprising that someone would ask it.

        • anon says:

          Not that odd. There’s a real risk that something like this can look a bit mawkish and opportunistic – a bunch of classical musicians jumping on the bandwagon to get some press coverage. I’m sure it’s being done with the best of intentions, but there is a risk of the wrong perception unless very sensitively handled.

          • Michael Volpe says:

            Given one of our longest serving members of staff died in the fire, I think we can be trusted to avoid mawkishness. We will raise over £30,000 for a charity we have worked with for many years and who are at the heart of the aftermath. Thankfully, the response appears to have reassured us the event is appropriate.

  • Analeck Kram-Hammerbauer says:


  • Andrew Condon says:

    Certainly a noble cause, I never knew you needed 2 conductors to perform the Verdi Requiem

    • Bruce says:

      Presumably one of them is the conductor of the chorus. (The conductor of the chorus would not conduct in the performance but would do virtually all the preparation of the chorus so they could be ready to perform the piece after only one or two rehearsals with the orchestra.)

      • Andrew Condon says:

        Indeed – or even the conductor for the offstage trumpets. I just thought it a bit odd to see 2 conductors billed like that though.

        • Michael Volpe says:

          It is really about collegiate, collective remembrance. Both conductors are working our two final shows.

  • Bruce says:

    I listened to the “Vissi d’arte” — not one for the history books, but she certainly sounded good enough to sing at regional houses (and not that people were quite so preoccupied with opera singers’ looks at that time, but she certainly had the looks and temperament for the role).

  • Barbara says:

    Very appropriate response to the tragedy. I wish I could be there.