‘I’m too tired to sing Aida’

Sondra Radvanovsky has pulled out of Aida at Chorégies d’Orange for reasons of ‘extreme physical fatigue’.

They don’t have a replacement.

Anyone fancy a shot at it? Anyone free August 2 and 5?

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  • Radvanovsky is a remarkable singer who has had a grueling schedule.
    She deserves to be tired and is smart to know when she needs to back off.

    • I agree she is a remarkable singer but she and her agent should discuss her schedule before contracts are signed. Then she may not be so tired and would be in a position to sing and not disappoint the audience.

  • What looks reasonable and doable on paper four or five years in advance doesn’t always translate into reality when the time comes. Voices change, bodies change, the demands of individual engagements are variable, etc. Give Sondra a break. A tempermental Angela G. (whom I have admired greatly as a artist) she ain’t. Like Radvanovsky’s voice or not, she works hard and has achieved a great deal.

  • Has the tiresome Herr Ungeheurer ever got anything nice to say about anyone or anything? I saw Radvanovsky in “Tosca” last May and she was brilliant both dramatically and vocally.

    Who, by the way, are the “we” to whom he refers?

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