Exclusive: Britain is having a choral revival

Exclusive: Britain is having a choral revival


norman lebrecht

July 04, 2017

Research by the Voices Now festival, to be launched on Friday, reveals an unheralded boom in choir singing as one of the nation’s most popular pursuits.

Based on data gathered from 3,200 choirs, Voices Now estimates that there are no fewer than 40,000 choirs across the country, involving 2.14 million singers.

The numbers are continuing to grow and they do so almost without public subsidy, a mere £500,00 a year.

photo (c) Robert Garbolinski

Choral singing is proven to be beneficial for health, wealth and relationships (unless you have straying eyes for an alto). It is also immense fun.

Try this if you’re free tomorrow night: Bernstein, Kodaly and Allbright from the excellent chamber choir Canticum at St Giles, Cripplegate.



  • Halldor says:

    Unheralded? It’s rarely off the telly!

  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    The article refers to the country although the heading refers to Britain which is made up of four countries so it’s confusing especially as choral singing here in Wales is part of our culture and continues to thrive.