Early music chief steps down

The soprano Clare Norburn, co-founder of the Brighton Early Music Festival, will leave her post as joint artistic director in November.

Fifteen years, she says, is enough. She wants to write plays.


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  • She wants to bog off to write plays after 15 years doing BEMF! Mad, no track record at all she is no Harold Pinter.

    • What a nasty and pointless comment. Nobody starts off with a track record. Why shouldn’t she have a go at writing plays? Time will tell whether or not she is good at it.

    • Clare Norburn has already written a number of acclaimed and (I believe) highly successful ‘music plays’ on the lives of lesser-known compositional figures, including Hildegard von Bingen and Carlo Gesualdo. While she’ll very much be missed in her role at BEMF, I wish her well developing this already strong strand of her artistic and creative career.

    • At least she won’t be running the festival as her own private fiefdom, anymore…. giving herself, and her friends, concerts and excluding people who aren’t useful to her. We *MIGHT* get to hear more than just the same old performers now…

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