Cuts bite at Canadian opera

Cuts bite at Canadian opera


norman lebrecht

July 07, 2017

Staff and artists at the Vancouver Opera are facing demands for a two percent cut as the company struggles to balance its books.

The atmosphere is unhappy. Read here.


  • Ungeheuer says:

    A pity the super large (and increasingly larger) and wealthy Chinese population there appears to not be interested in opera, of the Western kind at least.

    • Wai kit leung says:

      You have a breakdown by race of the audience there?

    • Brexiteer says:

      Why have they all moved to Vancouver? Is HK/PRC full up or is it a tax issue? Must cause problems for locals buying. Thank goodness for Brexit.

      • Geoff R says:

        They moved to Vancouver like millions of others from all around the world, because Canada is a free democratic nation. Just about everyone here is an immigrant. Yuja Wang left Beijing for Calgary to continue her musical education before moving on to New York.