Classical PR faces court over collapsed kids charity

Classical PR faces court over collapsed kids charity


norman lebrecht

July 31, 2017

The UK Business Secretary Greg Clark today issued proceedings against directors of the defunct Kids Company charity, which collapsed in 2015 after receiving millions in government aid.

Nine directors are named. They are headed by the former chief executive Camila Batmanghelidjh and the chairman Alan Yentob who was forced to resign as BBC creaitve director over his role in the collapse.


Named among the other seven is Erica Jane Bolton, co-owner of the Bolton Quinn PR company, which has represented the South Bank Centre and other classical venues.

If found culpable, the Kids Company directors could be banned from serving on a company board for up to six years.



  • Medium Giraffe says:

    Sounds like a micro version of the Clinton foundation. Where did the money go? Did they blow it on expensive receptions and dining, business trips with first class travel and 5 star hotels? Top-of-the-range company cars, luxury office furnishing? Or did they just steal it?

  • John says:

    Good: a horrible little man! Of course, the BBC have kept him and still pay him far too much.

    • Nik says:

      I was thinking about this the other day. Everyone was so focused on the ‘gender pay gap’ or whatever. I think the biggest scandal that came out of the BBC pay announcement was that Botney is still earning a fortune there, two years after supposedly resigning. Some people just never have to account for their actions.