Carmen gets drenched at Bregenz

Kasper Holten’s Carmen production at the Bregenz Festival opened last night under heavy clouds.

At the first kiss on stage, there was a flash of lightning.

Then the heavens opened.

On went the raincoats. On went the opera.

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    • Having spent two seasons there in the Andrea Chenier production 2011/12) I can categorically say that safety is paramount! The Premiere of that production also had rain problems (which made my abseiling role interesting…..) but continued nonetheless; however when stormy weather with the prospect of lightning is involved, the performance is halted and continued in the indoor theatre (to a smaller part of the audience of course) where the orchestra is in any case already situated during the normal outdoor performance. The critical electrical and electronic equipement is well weather-proofed. Also, the local weather is constantly and accurately monitored via radar data from a nearby swiss weather station which means the possible need for “plan B” can be calculated…..

  • They could do the Water music instead for heavens sake, who wants to sit in wellies in Bregenz, they get more rain than Wales, watching Carmen. I recall back in 2005, Innsbruck nearly got washed down the Inn, the tide mark went above the last recorded one on the bridge, we sat around in the Volksmuseum with rain on all sides with the water music!

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