Brand new: Berlin Philharmonic’s happiest ever video clip

Whoever put together this fun tribute to nonagenarian conductor Herbert Blomstedt deserves a Comedy Oscar.

Watch. You see it here first.

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  • LOL. Wonderful. Such an amazing person and so elegant and aristocratic. One of a kind and, sadly, an extinct species. Happy 90th Maestro!

  • So lucky to have had a chance to see him in SF. His ability to bring the magic was fun to hear; he even made Bruckner 4 sound exciting (live, at least).

  • That’s just wonderful! Happy birthday dear Maestro!

    Speaking of which….. we read so much nonsense about conductors in so many comments on this blog. Don’t forget one: Maestro is someone you can learn from.

    That’s why Mr. Blomstedt is one of the few who can really be called Maestro.

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