Trump recruits ‘a world-renowned violinist’

Trump recruits ‘a world-renowned violinist’


norman lebrecht

June 18, 2017

Trump complains that the Castro regime used this violinist for propaganda purposes:

From the performer’s biography:

Grammy-award winning conductor and violin virtuoso, Luis Haza is in his second year as Music Director and Conductor of the Coastal Symphony of Georgia and, for the prior 4 years, the Music Director and Conductor of the Coastal Youth Symphony.


  • V.Lind says:

    Like this wasn’t?

  • Alexander says:

    … and Georgia is on my mind … any way good for him

  • Nick says:

    OMG! He sure must have been nervous. I expect most young violinists now would have played better than that without the strange flourishes and faulty intonation! But then it was just a stunt for Trump.

  • Pianofortissimo says:

    That was a very good (or should I say ‘amazing’?) talk. It reminded me of Mike Bongiorno.

  • NYMike says:

    Would have fit right in with the other “stars” doing Herr Trump’s inauguration.

    • Steve P says:

      You mean President Trump, you insipid troll.

      Yeah, pretty weak sauce as far as musicians go; but that is all that’s around when the entire leftist arts community decides to take a stand and not make art available to someone who, according to them, would benefit from experiencing great art. And the cycle continues…

  • Geezer Butler says:

    Jimi Hendrix doing Star Spangled banner far better, more satirical, just listen to what he does with the dirge.

  • Harold Lewis says:

    There’s little sympathy on my side of the Atlantic for the whingers, naysagers and cultural hoodlums who have nothing better to do than throw vitriol at their elected President.

    • Harold Lewis says:

      One small edit — ‘naysayers’.

    • Gerhard says:

      You own a private side of the Atlantic all by yourself? Wow.

    • Pianofortissimo says:

      American politicians on both sides as well as American mainstream media are very destructive and ‘un-American’ just now, and from ‘my’ side of the Atlantic I can understand common people’s ‘anti-Washington’ attitude. It’s horrible.


    “World-renowned” isn’t the only bit of hyperbole here on display.

  • Roger Stimson says:

    Both those events took amazing guts. Any who attempt musical criticisms should, in my opinion, stick to their own Etudes!

  • E. Matesky says:

    Although Luis didn’t have the opportunities to study with Greats of the Violin, he
    raised his Violin Up under his 8 year old chin and actually had the guts to play the Star Spangled Banner before Raoul Castro. No words could have sufficed
    for what an 8 year old boy messaged upon his small sized violin under such pressure. I salute Luis and his indomitable spirit!! Bravo to President Trump for spot lighting Luis on his own soil … Music is the international language and to
    refuse playing a “Song” not in his heart at 8 years of age yet substituting another one (our Anthem) embedded in his (Luis’ soul) was & remains remarkable sans words ~ Elisabeth Matesky

    • John Fleming says:

      Dear Elisabeth
      Please contact me to remember your father and the Compton Symphony!
      John Fleming

      • Elisabeth Matesky says:

        Dear John Fleming!!

        Of course I remember you as one of Dad’s original pupil’s in Compton, California, when the air was clean, sun shined & we kids played Hop Scotch on sidewalks for fun without cell phones, iPhones, computers or video games! We used our imagination; listened to (even) 78’s rpm LPrecords of Toscanini, Heifetz (my future teacher at USC!); Kreisler and Nathan Milsten + Rubinstein, Horowitz & Feurmann & Piatigorsky, while going to Ralph Waldo Emerson School playground in Summer’s to play Tetherball & Ping Pong!

        And, as pupils of my father, practised faithfully (w/ threats from our parents ~ imagine mine!!) to mark our Practise Cards, honestly, and when “Try outs” came, Dad, Ardelle Womack + everyone in orchestra knew who had Really practised when push came to shove – the Try Out & How we played under pressure! I was delighted to hear from you & will send an email soon! Hoping you still have music
        In your Life, it’s good to hear from ‘Home’ on the very Top Drawer website of famed Norman Lebrecht in London, UK!!

        Having had the privilege of Fulbright studying & living in ‘inner’ London, it is a great & novel Great City of the World, fostering The Best of British as exemplified by Norman
        Lebrecht, who really knows ‘What It’s All About, Alfie!’

        My warmest & nostalgic greetings to you from the USA ~

        Elisabeth (NYC Ralph’s Daughter, One Year Older!)

  • E. Matesky says:

    Amen to Roger Stimson’s Reply!! EM ~