Sad news: Bass clarinet is killed in bike accident

Georg Stump, long-serving  bass clarinet of the Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra, was knocked off his bike at a junction in Mönchengladbach on Tuesday and died later in hospital.

Stump, 59, had been a member of the orchestra for 34 years.

His shocked colleagues have dedicated their next concert to his memory.

photo: Susanne Diesner

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  • this is absolutely terrible! And I feel worse for snickering at the headline at first. Consider changing to “bass clarinetist”? I really thought this was news of an instrument being destroyed, not a man dying!

  • My sincere condolences . I do remember Georg very well. We had a great time together during my five year cadence with Duessledorf Symphony.
    He was one of the very best Bass Clarinet players in my 30 years career.
    Am really very upset…

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