Placido Domingo’s triumphal march dies in court

It was intended as a grand farewell to an opera career that has spanned half a century. But the singer has now acknowledged that the Aida production he wanted to take on a tour of international arenas this year band next is not going to happen.

Yesterday, the organisers, Art & Entertainment LIVE GmbH, filed for bankruptcy in Duesseldorf. Early ticket buyers may not get their money back.

Domingo, 76, called it ‘a great disappointment’.



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  • This mini industry of a man really needs to stop. There are different kinds of bankruptcies. He should choose his and move on to the domestic realm full time.

  • Domingo has earnt the right to do more or less whatever he wants to do. I hope he gets to close out his opera career the way he has dreamed of doing.

    • I don’t know what right he has earned exactly, but unless he’s prepared to put up the capital himself to finance this sort of vanity project, then of course he’s at the mercy of the production company he chooses to work with. What ‘right’ could possibly protect him from that?

  • Domingo is an artist who has always been generous of his praise for other people, particularly Carlos Kleiber. I wouldn’t want to direct any criticism towards him for that reason alone.

  • I always predicted that Domingo, after being a tenor, conductor, producer and (pseudo) baritone, will end up at the tickets boot!.

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