Maestro epidemic: Three big sticks cancel in two hours

First, Yannick pulled out of the Berlin Philharmonic with a bad arm.

Then Kirill Petrenko cancelled the Concertgebouw.

Now we hear that Gustavo Dudamel is too unwell to conduct the Bavarian Radio Symphony.

His replacement is Juanjo Mena.

The substitutes’ bench is practically empty.

What the hell’s going on?

UPDATE: Make that four.

UPDATE: Health alert over maestro virus.

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  • probably they all go to listen to Cardiff Singer you never mentioned in your blog recently , don’t they ?
    PS … just kidding, as usual ….

  • Worth reading behavioral psychologists Kahneman and Tversky (Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow) whih among many fascinating topics discusses how people often find a trend where actually there is just randomness. Such as debunking the “hot hand” phenomenon in basketball. And most likely, three prominent conductors falling ill/injured in the same week – and at the end of a season when they’ve all been conducting a lot.

  • yes, what is going on with all the fascination over these cancellations? Do you have a condition we should know about? Why are you so concerned about their health? Are you a doctor?

  • Agree with Macrov and Doctorwho. I’m wondering if the reason is the presence of “Cagamel” in this list. In the last years, he had been news just for political and tabloid stuff including break-up and new marriage and his happiness to conduct a new year’s eve concert, along an orchestra that doesn’t need a conductor for it at all. What a way to constantly keep him in the media.

    Don’t misunderstood hanger with backlash. Perhaps, It is time to say sorry for backing the wrong horse so much in the last decade.

  • At an Orchestre de Paris concert we attended in December 2013 the conductor was delayed, and so the first half went ahead with the concertmaster conducting — Prokofiev 3rd Piano Concerto with Alexandre Toradze. A brilliant performance with over 5 minutes’ applause. The scheduled conductor appeared in time for the second half, Shostakovich’s 7th Symphony.

  • The bench is wide and deep. They just have to be willing to a chance to young
    folks like Ms. Hotoda in Fresno.

  • Too much stress and keeping too busy without a chance to take care of themselves. Too much travel is bad for you!

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