Just in: Russia slashes its TV culture channel

There are reports of 200-300 dismissals today from a staff of 800.

The Kultura channel was founded in 1997 by order of President Boris Yeltsin.

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  • It is the same problem in UK. The BBC never broadcasts classical concerts and operas on either BBC2 or BBC4. I have sent complaints in ad nauseum to the BBC. They always fob you off with the excuse we have to cater for a wide audience! I seem to recall they showed the complete Boulez Ring from Bayreuth back in 1976/80. There are millions who do not live near a concert hall, theatre or opera house or who could afford to go, so TV is a good way of improving access to culture. Could those in UK reading this comment kindly fire off a complaint to the BBC. Cheers
    If we bombard them maybe they might play ball, or else Arlene Foster will send over her enforcer! .


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