I was number 55 at the Met audition, and I won

I was number 55 at the Met audition, and I won


norman lebrecht

June 09, 2017

Hugo A. Valverde, a 22 year-old student from Costa Rica, pulled off an astonishing coup last month by winning the second horn seat at the Metropolitan Opera.

He tells Audition Cafe how it happened:

‘I took 3 auditions before this one. I auditioned for The Florida Orchestra, The Phoenix Symphony and The Sarasota Orchestra…

‘I was in shock when I heard I made it to the finals, but I didn’t let my mind affect the way I was feeling at that moment. I said “ok man, you are prepared, you have out a lot of effort in this audition so, now you just have to go a focus on the music, sound, clarity, intonation, etc; I didn’t even run the entire excerpts before my final (prelims and semis as well) round, I just played the very first note and that was it….

He sounds pretty cool. Read more here.



  • Hugo Valverde says:

    Hello dear Slipped Disc team,

    I would like to clarify that I never said that “I was 55, and I won”. I find this title kind of exaggerated and I would like it to be changed, please. It just doesn’t sound respectful to me and for the rest of the horn world. Thank you very much!

    Hugo A. Valverde

    • norman lebrecht says:

      Dear Hugo A Valderde

      The headline is not placed in quotation marks. It is an accurate summary of what was said in your interview and it is in no way disrespectful.
      best wishes
      Slipped Disc