First person: I adjusted Placido Domingo’s flies

First person: I adjusted Placido Domingo’s flies


norman lebrecht

June 22, 2017

The artist Norman Perryman tells a lovely story in a new blogpost of how he was obliged by Marta Domingo to ensure that her husband’s flies were not open before she approved a new portrait.

My patron flew me to Washington D.C., (where I had a suite right opposite the offices of the Watergate scandal) to show her my one metre square watercolour. She burst into tears. Yes! So far so good.

Then, back-stage at the Opera, all ready for a performance, Plácido took time to view the watercolour himself. He just beamed, made some very kind comments and insisted on adding his own signature. However, my wash of watercolour to show the flow of movement rising from bottom left across his pants and shirt didn’t sit well with his wife….

portrait (c) Norman Perryman/Lebrecht Music&Arts

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  • Ungeheuer says:

    A rather stupid portrait of PD, for he is a notoriously execrable time beater. Enough of PD please. When is enough enough?