Did Bob Dylan crib his Nobel speech?

A journalist has found 20 close similarities to the SparkNotes crib site on Moby Dick.

Maybe it wasn’t Bob that copied it. Maybe one of his staff…


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  • You can’t expect a mega-genius to write his own speeches. Serves the Swedes right, publicity seeking nonsense from a bunch of ageing trendies.

  • I find it interesting that a 76 year old entertainer who has 20 tour dates in the next 30 days is being carped at over bupkis here.

    • A colleague of mine in teaching, well over 10 years ago, said she’d recently been to a Dylan concert – having been a lifelong fan – and said it was dreadful; a disgrace. And she was a dour woman not given to hyperbole.

  • There is a quote in German which is said to be from Leonard Bernstein: “Wenn man nach islamischem Recht Dieben eine Hand abschlagen würde, dann gäbe es unter den Komponisten und Schriftstellern viele Einarmige.” Probably a translation into English could be something like “If you would knock off the hands of thieves according to islamic law then there would be many one-armed composers and writers.”

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