Concert pianist launches her own brand of bags

Concert pianist launches her own brand of bags


norman lebrecht

June 02, 2017

The German pianist Alice Sara Ott has announced a signature line of travel bags with the German accessories label, JOST.

Next Thursday at the Royal Festival Hall, Samantha Cameron will play the Rachmaninov D minor concerto.


  • Steven Holloway says:

    Ott’s designs are a tad different from almost all other ‘celebrity/signature’ lines — she actually does design them, and has done for some time. As so often, nothing new here. Some people do, in fact, have more than one talent, much though that gives rise to suspicion in the age of (Aesop’s and Berlin’s) hedgehog, the well-blinkered ‘expert’. And, of course, also to a spot of the snarkies on SD. Her fascination with origami is pretty evident in the designs on most of the products. To be fair to Sam Cameron, I think she may be capable of playing the Happy Birthday Song with her feet, objects of much study and analysis this morning. Trying to do so may be how she comes to have that incipient corn on the fourth toe of her left foot.