British Airways deal swiftly with instrument claim

British Airways deal swiftly with instrument claim


norman lebrecht

June 03, 2017

We reported a complaint of a cracked double-bass a month ago, on May 4.

British Airways got in touch with Slipped Disc within the hour, and with the complainant within a few days.

We’re happy to report that the matter was then settled politely and efficiently

The only drawback is this, from BA’s settlement letter:

‘All UK airlines have a limited legal liability and we all use the same calculation to work out how much to pay our customers. Currently, the maximum claim for each customer is £1,217.34.’

Just so you know.


  • Alexander says:

    When their next global computer disruption happens be swift on your foot ( or smartphone) to communicate with them again 😉

  • Phil the Fluter says:

    The man with the golden flute, James Galway once told me he would not trust BA with a tin whistle!

    • Nik says:

      For what it’s worth, I don’t think BA are any better or worse at handling luggage than any other airline. In fact at most airports they will be under contract with the same handling agent as many others.
      Of course the responsibility of dealing with a claim or complaint is in-house, but can you think of any airline that has a genuinely good reputation in this area?