Bette Midler to orchestra: Shut that crap off

The diva was being played off stage at the Tony awards last night, but she didn’t want to go.

So she took out her frustration on the orchestra….

And the clip’s now going viral as a gif.


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  • love her much, and the orchestra definitely was playing not Mozart or whatevs ….

    still – “shut that crap off ( you packing pastards)” and the words on democracy and core human values somehow don’t match well ( I re-watched this moment on youtube) 😉 – any way this was all in her special style 😉

  • She’s reportedly been horrible and disrespectful to the “Hello Dolly” pit orchestra for the run of the show. Bette, those are actual people down there…and you couldn’t have won the Tony without them. They are not “that crap,” and you do not “shut off” human beings. How rude.

  • Televised awards shows must fit in strict time constraints to fit the ads and time limit. If everyone did this it would be chaos. And it was rude to the musicians (or “that crap…” as they are called). The stage manager must’ve been apoplectic. And she does not have a good diplomatic reputation in the pit at her show.

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