An American is first winner at BBC Cardiff Singer of the World

The US baritone Anthony Clark Evans, 32, is first through to the finals of the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World Competition. (Since the contest is only screened several days late on BBC television, we apologise for the spoiler.)

Evans saw off four other contestants: Roberto Lorenzi (Italy), Nadezhda Karyazina (Russia), Batjargal Bayarsaikhan (Mongolia) and Lilly Jørstad (Norway).

Anthony Clark Evans has already sung roles at Chicago,San Francisco and the Met and is agented by CAMI.


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  • I have never truly enjoyed winners of this competition, perhaps with the sole exception of Terfel, and my enjoyment of him was once upon a long time. “Cardiff Singer of the World” is a red flag for this listener.

  • No spoiler alert? Some of us would like to have made our own assessment during the televised heats from this evening on. Please exercise discretion and wait 48 hours before giving the game away. Too much to ask?

    • Yes, too much. The results are made public by the competition and by reporters on the spot. The BBC do us all a disservice by delaying the screening.

    • It’s the BBC’s competition – they should do it live, or at least not so delayed that the result of the heat is known before it’s broadcast. BBC’s fault, not Norman’s.

  • We who’ve heard him sing are glad to see him recognized as Cardiff Singer of the World. Wait’ll you hear him! He’s a winner.

  • To be pedantic he isn’t necessarily through to the final – very occasionally two singers from the same heat are chosen once all the heats are over.

  • The judges had their hands full choosing a winner — I would have been happy if any of the 2nd through 5th Finalists had won. Alas, the 1st Finalist, though blessed with a glorious voice, had too many intonation issues to be given the highest marks. Luckily for this audience member, the last Finalist sang the same aria and nailed it. What a treat to listen to Anthony Evans Clark sing the Prologue from Pagliacci again. Congratulations to all the Finalists, and what remarkable, versatile, moving performances we heard from winner, Scottish mezzo Catriona Morison.

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