American replaces Daniel Harding at LSO

A last-minute LSO search for a Mahler 3 conductor on June 25 to replace Harding, who has hurt his wrist, has yielded Robert Trevino, 33, an American who is music director with the Basque Symphony Orchestra.

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  • Couldn’t do better – good for the LSO in taking a rising star! Heard his Mahler in Milan; a real maestro in the making.

  • If that’s the Opera rather than the Philharmonic then an hilarious claim for a house that’s perpetually imploding, rife with political intrigue, and can’t hold on to staff including their much-lauded MD and GM for more than ten minutes. God knows what Trevino was doing there in first place.

  • Looking forward to hearing this performance in London next week. His concert with CBSO and Stephen Hough last March was phenomenal.

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