A good result for the French

A good result for the French


norman lebrecht

June 04, 2017

In Brussels, the French cellist Victor Julien-Laferriére won the Queen Elisabeth competition.

And in Japan, Hélène Boulègue of France won the Kobe International Flute Competition, together with China’s Yu Yuan.

Hélène, 27, has played second flute in the Luxembourg Philharmonic since 2010.


  • atarah ben-tovim MBE says:

    Helen Boulegue WON the Kobe outright and there was no 2nd and two joint 3rds

    • CutestFlutist says:

      Hi, Atarah, not quite right, I’m afraid. It’s a little tricky to confirm because it hasn’t been posted on the Kobe website yet, but check the posting on the Kobe FB page. It’s quite clear: Helene and the young Chinese boy Yu Yuan tied for first. There was no second prize

      There was a THREE way tie for Third prize between Marianna Zolnacz of Poland, Yeo Jin Han of Korea and Anna Kondrashina of the Russian Federation.

      Mayuko Akimoto of Japan won 4th Prize.

  • Flutefan says:

    Yes, Yu Yuan came joint first with Helene. He seems now to have been erased from the news entry…