Yale doc for Marin Alsop

Yale doc for Marin Alsop


norman lebrecht

May 22, 2017

The conductor was honoured today by her alma mater.

Alongside Stevie Wonder, John Kerry and others.


  • John Porter says:

    Well, she left Yale and graduated from Juilliard..

  • Steve P says:

    Ugh-looks like Elijah Cummings got something too. Kinda makes it look like an award for idiots. But congrats to Marin nonetheless. Hope she does great things with Baltimore.

  • Steve P says:

    Yeah, I didnt research my criticism well enough. Not a fan of john Lewis now but I respect history.

    • Cyril Blair says:

      You respect history but not John Lewis? What do you think “history” is? Something apart from the acts of individuals?

      • Steve P says:

        The current incarnation of john Lewis seems to have forgotten everything he stood for with Dr King. So, no, he is not a man to respect. But his actions while a member of a noble cause gives him a place in history that is respectable.

  • Una says:

    Great interview done by Bruce Duffie in Chicago with Mariunan Alsop, and most certainly worth a read if you’re interested in her, and a few straight facts too! Sorry about the history for some of you!