Word’s out: Dudamel got married

Word’s out: Dudamel got married


norman lebrecht

May 07, 2017

In a review of a Los Angeles Philharmonic concert that Gustavo Dudamel dedicated to the memory of a Sistema musician murdered in the Venezuela violence, Mark Swed reports that the maestro got remarried four months ago.

The bride is a Spanish film star, María Valverde.

Dudamel got divorced two years ago from Eliosa Maturen after nine years of marriage.

The couple have been pictured together recently in Spanish media. We wish them every happiness.

photo (c) Cordon Press

Friday night’s concert was built around the first symphony by a teenaged Schubert, a memorial to the 17 year-old viola player, Armando Cañizales, who was shot dead by government forces east of Caracas last week.

Dudamel, 36, underlined the affinities. He made a short statement about the killing before Friday night’s concert, concluding with the words: ‘We play for all our children, to build a better future for them with peace and love.’

Life goes on.




  • Alexander says:

    she looks very pretty 😉 I wish Dude-mel every happiness too 😉

  • Aria da capo says:

    That was news two or three months ago. Of course the spanish people press (prensa de corazon) focused on the famous actress, ex-girlfirend of, who got married to a conductor they hardly heard of (not even of something called “sistema”). The latest news is that the stork is on his way… Well. a little bit of “Hola” every now and then helps to “desconectar”.

  • Rgiarola says:

    Dudamel is only headline for political and tabloids news recently here at S. Disc. No more Messiah of the music at all. Ooppss…

  • Bruce says:

    Still waiting for the “why is this news/ why must we hear about this” comments that come in response to every gay marriage announcement on Slipped Disc (and elsewhere)…

  • mckavitt13 says:

    And what about Yuja Wang? Impractical, I know, especially since he has just been married, but there too we speak of affinities & Yuja looks abit moony in his company sometimes. As soon as I saw he was remarried I thought of Yuja Wang. The latter has stated how impossible it is to have a good long term relationship due to her career. So I guess I’m dreaming. Maybe Yuja is dreaming too?

    • Rgiarola says:

      You could write crappy love comedies plot for holywood. I was wondering about vince vaughn doing Dudamel. I think this famous actor could conduct as good as gustavito