Watch: A violinist protests on Venezuela’s streets

Watch: A violinist protests on Venezuela’s streets


norman lebrecht

May 07, 2017

Following the murder of Armando Canizales, more young musicians have come out in solidarity, at risk of their lives.


  • John Borstlap says:

    The bow has suffered considerably from musical protest.

    • George P Thomas says:


      It was on April 19, 1961, that Cubans were victorious against the “Bay of Pigs” invasion

      Also significant is April 19, 1810, in Caracas, when the Spanish American Wars of Independence and the Bolivarian Revolution began.

      Spain, a superpower with an imperialist empire that began in 1492, was in ruins by April 19, 1810.

      Empires rise and fall.

      Like Spain, the USA, now tens of trillions of dollars in National Debt, is also a superpower coming to ruin.

      History has proven that Capitalism can’t resolve the world’s problems.

      Imperialism, as the highest stage of capitalism, does not bring about a world of peace and mutual cooperation but rather one of intensified conflict, violence and war.

      The blame for the Venezuelan economic crisis rests on the United States empire and its imperialists, and the collaborating Venezuelan rightwing business owners aiming to sabotage the system.

      Venezuela is being attacked by the imperialists in the same manner that Cuba was… by invasion and embargo, (though not necessarily in the same order).

      An economic coup is now being waged upon Venezuela by the imperialists and by their allied collaborators in the private sector.

      We have been watching with grave concern, the economic crisis in Venezuela, and conditions such as :
      1. scarcity of goods,
      2. high inflation,
      3. broken currency exchange system,
      4. falling oil price,
      5. violence leaving dozens of citizens dead and hundreds injured.

      We, The Trinidad and Tobago Bolivarian Solidarity Group, believe that these conditions are the result of acts staged by big business (the opposition), in league with others whose objectives are destabilization of Venezuela.

      a) Basic commodity shortages are being caused by the business sector illegally stockpiling products in warehouses and diverting them from the Venezuelan marketplace for sale in Colombia, and by criminal speculators and smugglers who purchase subsidized food items and resell them at higher prices in the domestic market.

      b) Some speculators practice massive currency fraud by obtaining divisas (dollars)at the preferential exchange rate under pretext of importing priority goods and then selling those dollars on the parallel market or holding on to them in expectation of further devaluation of the bolivar…

      In attempting to weaken or overthrow the nationalist-populist government of The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the imperialist empire has resorted to multiple forms of attack including:

      (1) corruption (buying off supporters),
      (2) funding and organizing opposition media, parties, business and trade union organizations,
      (3) organizing and backing disloyal military officials to violently overthrow the elected government,
      (4) supporting employers’ lockouts to paralyze strategic sectors of the economy (oil),
      (5) financing referendums and other ‘legal mechanisms’ to revoke democratic mandates,
      (6) promoting paramilitary groups to destabilize civil society, sow public insecurity and undermine agrarian reforms,
      (7) financing electoral parties and non-governmental organizations to compete in and delegitimize elections,
      (8) engaging diplomatic warfare and efforts to prejudice regional relations and
      (9) establishing military bases in neighboring countries, as a platform for future joint military invasions.

      When economic intervention fails, Imperialist domination has often relied on military intervention, both overt and covert, or through military support to reactionary local allies, to dismantle entire societies.

      Since WWII the USA has not won any war anywhere in the world, except in Panama and Grenada.

      Yet the USA has army, air-force, and naval bases in Columbia.

      These bases are not placed to patrol the Pacific Ocean to keep drug shipments from getting to the US.

      Instead many of them are grouped together on the Caribbean coast where there were already bases, and others are much closer to Venezuela.

      What missions ‘beyond Colombia’s borders’ are U.S. planners contemplating for this giant military presence in Columbia if not to stoke the flames of regional conflict?”

      What is worst is that the USA is now governed by a collection of morons, people-stupid-below-the-meaning-of-stupid, voted into power by people who are extremely gullible and inattentive.

      They are all believers of the Fake News, Propaganda and “False Flags” fed to them by the mainstream US media, which is controlled by big business.

      The imperialists are trying hard to destroy the Cuban and Venezuelan revolutions domination because they are beacons of inspiration all over the world for oppressed people who are angered by injustice and seeking change.

      The Trinidad and Tobago Bolivarian Solidarity Group stands in solidarity with the Chavistas and Fidelistas.

      We call upon the imperialists and their collaborators to cease their unrelenting attacks on the non-violent revolutionary people, to respect the democratic rule of the constitutionally elected government, and to not change the region from being a Zone of Peace.

      We urge the media to publicize the truth.

      “Viva Cuba!”
      “Viva Venezuela!”
      “Patria o Muerte!”
      “Hasta La Victoria Siempre!”

      • Judith Despaties says:

        Granted I have the seniority often associated with such cynicism but allow me : not a day passes by without the personal thought and conviction that there is no hope for any government in power to ever have the intention or be in any position to really care for its people at the expense of the most powerful and richest. Since the system that allows this is referred to as Capitalism, do you not believe it’s time for at least a Consumers’ revolution ? We could, for instance, proclaim December 1st ” NO BUY DAY “…….. and see how Capitalism reacts… would at least get a lot of people excited for a good reason and I bet moves and decisions would arise much faster than following a government study or commission on any given subject or ” apparent ” intention to solve……anything !!!!! Forgive me for these Monday morning somber thoughts

      • Michael Avagliano says:

        George, before you post naked propaganda such as this, you should learn how to spell the name of the country of Colombia.
        The courage of the Venezuelan people in the face of tyranny and kleptocracy deserves to be supported by all.

      • The View from America says:

        The end of the Chavez-Maduro regime can’t come soon enough.