Twin Peaks for string quartet?

Twin Peaks for string quartet?


norman lebrecht

May 31, 2017

What’s the point?


  • Steve P says:

    As a fan of the show, I like it. But I suppose if you are looking for high art, you’d come away dissatisfied.

  • Halldor says:

    It’s not on the “high art” radar, but there is a huge market for string quartets playing background music at weddings and other social events. I don’t know many amateur or freelance pro players who haven’t played gigs like these. And clients at these events often ask for the quartet to play well-known pop songs or TV themes alongside the Pachelbel and Mozart K.136.

    That’s the point. I predict a lot of people will want to get their hands on this arrangement

  • Pamela Frame says:

    I’ve never seen the show, so that’s of no interest to me; but I’m curious about the idea that a quartet would be listed as playing a work entitled “Twin Peaks” without a composer’s name anywhere in sight. Are we all assumed to know who wrote it?

    • Dr Presume says:

      Well, when you press to play the video, there’s a button that allows you to watch the video directly in Youtube, rather than embedded here, and the name of the original composer and that of the arranger are displayed fairly prominently there…

    • RW2013 says:

      Sorry for Pamela for not knowing or being interested in TP, but it’s something I couldn’t have done without.

  • Alexander says:

    as one of my american acquaintances used to say “what’s the flip ?” … hasten to bring my apologies for any inconvenience these words may cause 😉

  • Dave says:

    If people weren’t so lazy, they could type ‘Dover Quartet’ and ‘Twin Peaks’ into Google and all the information is there.

  • Greg says:

    I don’t know . . . I kinda liked it. It might serve as an encore piece. The music certainly works better for a string quartet than Kronos Quartet’s arrangement of Purple Haze.

  • Charles says:

    Did people complain this much when Quatour Ebene did their Pulp Fiction cover?