Sad news: First violin of Bartók Quartet has died

We have been notified of the death, aged 81, of Peter Komlós.

Peter founded the Komlós Quartet in 1957, changing its name six years later to the Bartók Quartet. The other members were violinist Sándor Devich, violist Géza Németh, and cellist Károly Botvay, later replaced by László Mező.

The quartet toured widely and won numerous international awards. Peter Komlós played a 1731 state-owned Stradivarius. From 1960 to 1989 he was concertmaster of the Budapest Opera. He led the quartet up to his death.

Sandor Devich died in January 2016.

The three surviving members of the Bartók Quartet are Géza Hargitai (2nd violin), Géza Németh and László Mező.

Photo: Czimbal Gyula/MTI


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