Pioneering classical radio host has died, at 73

June LeBell, New York’s first woman presenter on a commercial classical station, has died of ovarian cancer on her 73rd birthday.

She was frontline cultural interviewer on WQXR, conducting five to ten interviews a week. She moved later to WSMR.

Her husband posted:

About 7;00 this evening June lost her final battle with ovarian cancer, which had been going on for almost 5 years. She was June til the very end , and it was a peaceful passing. There will be a funeral service and reception soon in Sarasota and a memorial service and reception at Marble Collegiate church in NYC. I’ll post all the details as soon as I know them

June was a truly remarkable human being, talented, loving and gifted beyond belief in so many ways. We will all miss her very much. Yesterday was her 73rd birthday and tomorrow is our 8th wedding anniversary. Elegant timing as always.

My thoughts go out to all of you who will also miss her so very much.

Rest in peace, my dear beloved June. Angels are greeting you even now.

Edward Alley

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  • June was a remarkable person. Hers was the voice we easily recognized on WQXR classical radio in New York. She also maintained a warm and passionate presence on social media which drew us closer to her, especially during these most difficult times in her life. She will be missed very much by many.

  • June was my neighbor when I lived at Lincoln Towers in Manhattan many years ago. She was a lovely human being in so many ways and will be greatly missed. My heart goes out to Ed, who, I know, adored June.

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