Pappano considers move to Munich

The music director of London’s Royal Opera House says he is considering an approach to succeed Kirill Petrenko at Bavarian State Opera in 2021.

Sir Antonio Pappano, 57, has been at Covent Garden since 2002. He has never conducted opera in Munich and admits there are considerable differences from Covent Garden.

Asked by Georg Rudiger in Der Merkur if he was thinking about Munich, Pappano said simply, ‘Yes.’

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  • *puts on Mrs Merton voice*

    “So, Tony, what first attracted you to the greatest opera house in the world, with an unshakeable and always-keen audience, in a country where the arts aren’t constantly treated like an embarassment, where players are treated like humans and paid according to their considerable skill, you don’t have to deal with constant bullshit politics within and without and you will probably get paid more too?”

    Tony: er… the beer?

  • He would be a brilliant choice but it’s very dependant on the choice of new Intendant. TP is something of a control freak and another Alpha Male or Female as Intendant could cause problems.

    • He’s good but he’s not indispensable. 15 years at the Garden, it might be time for a change and new blood, and an advancement for his own career before he gets too old but he’ll hardly have the same freedom in Munich as he’s enjoyed in London.

  • Good move. In Munich he will have one of his favorites, house soprano Anja Harteros, at his beck and call. If her voice lasts til then.

  • Pappano is a great man, but has already done 15 years in the job.

    So, the shortlist for the ROH? Luisotti, Bychkov, Elder…

      • Wonderful conductor but probably too busy now. However it would be good to get a really outstanding conductor and experienced Music Director (Farnes) from UK in post at ROH.
        In post Brexit Britain who can tell what benefit that will bring? Well I can think of one actually ,they will not be bundled out of the UK for being foreign.

        • Farnes and Nelsons (tho’ unrealistic) should be on the list, and Gardner.

          Could Rattle do it alongside the LSO?

    • That must also mean you are betting on a Brit as his successor? Wouldn’t be so sure of that…!

      • No Agreed!
        But he has stated how he worries that it will effect young musicians, orchestras both in the UK and Europe.

  • James Levine has been music director of the Met for 40 years. I do not see any problem for Pappano to stay longer at ROH…

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