One competition dies, another is born

One competition dies, another is born


norman lebrecht

May 24, 2017

Last night, Cincinnati shuts the doors on the oldest annual piano competition in the US.

This morning, Vancouver announces ‘the 2017 Vancouver International Music Competition to celebrate Canada 150’.

The announcement haplessly fails to say what they are cometing for.

We understand it’s piano, voice and strings.

Here’s the text:
We are proud to announce the 2017 Vancouver International Music Competition to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday! The VIMC is an industry pioneer, offering a worldwide platform for musical and culture exchange, and for young musicians of the world to perform and grow. It is organized by Canada International Arts & Music Society, supported by Canada Music Center. Our purpose is to promote the inheritance and preservation of classical music and to encourage young musicians to explore contemporary and modern music with a focus on Canadian composers. We believe that VIMC will build confidence among young musicians, encourage artistic and professional development, and expose them to the vast opportunities North America has to offer.


Application Deadline: August 15th 2017


  • Bryan says:

    Oh no, the prizes are announced on the site, but you have to click on the Awards and Prizes link. The first prize in each category is a princely $1000 CAN, which comes to about $750 US. In the great tradition of Canada’s astonishingly miserly support for the arts.