Just in: Cleveland Orchestra’s chorus director steps down

Just in: Cleveland Orchestra’s chorus director steps down


norman lebrecht

May 23, 2017

Robert Porco will end his tenure as Cleveland’s Director of Choruses in September 2018, after 19 years.

‘Bob Porco has been a great musical partner of the Cleveland Orchestra,” says Franz Welser-Möst, music director. ‘At home in Cleveland, and on tour, he has been a driving force in bringing our choral works to life.  He has taken on challenging repertoire from Mozart to Mahler, from Beethoven to Stravinsky, and for our annual opera productions across multiple languages and styles – and all with a group of dedicated volunteers.  He has inspired thousands of singers to perform at their best.’


  • CHTellez says:

    Robert Porco is among the best conductors of symphonic choirs ever to work in the US. As I travel I always hear ecstatic comments from people that happened to attend a major choral work with the Cleveland Orchestra, prepared by him to a level of refinement and discipline rarely matched and never surpassed. What will he do next?

    • Raskolnikov says:

      He was also your teacher and made your career, so your objectivity is questionable at best. I found him dry as dust and a deeply unpleasant man.

      Chacun a son gout.

  • Anna Shaw says:

    We always go to the beautiful Christmas concert with him as a conductor, we did notice a different name !! We did find out that Mr Porco will be stepping down next season and will be deeply missed on the 23rd Christmas concert . We also know that there are many wonderful conductors to step in. I wish he could make an appearance for us. He will always be the best in our hearts and memories of shows past . Blossom was a wonderful time for many also. Mr Porco you are the best !!!! GODs blessing to you and your family !!!!