Jonas Kaufmann puts on pounds for Tosca

First production pics from Vienna show a certain thickening around the middle. Obviously put on for the role.


Photo: Wiener Staatsoper/ Michael Pöhn

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  • I thought he was like that long ago, what about Angie ?
    P.S. After having listened to Elina Stikhina in that role I don’t need any other soprano for Tosca, just my opinion , of course …..

  • Another negative comment on Jonas Kaufmann. I wonder when you last said something positive about him? The fact that you are less than overwhelmed by him is not important, particularly when remarks of a personal nature are what you find interesting to share with the musical world.

  • You have got to be kidding me. You’re going to fat shame him? First of all he’s gorgeous and second of all that’s just ridiculous. Why are you trolling Jonas Kaufman?

  • Herr Kaufmann’s detractors seem to care a good deal more about his appearance than he (or indeed his fans) do. If I may be unusually snarky, may I suggest that Herr “Slipped Disc” go shove himself into a little black dress.

  • If women get criticized all the time for their level of girth, why not men too? It is an accurate observation that Kaufmann has gained weight in recent months. It may be that his matinée idol days may be numbered.
    A little secret: He is also getting older ….

  • Why “obviously for the role?” What about Cavarodossi suggests that her should be of any particular girth?

  • Maybe after his stint at ROH this summer he can spend the August break working out to give him the ripped and toned physique of Mr Lebrecht. Still, I suppose body shaming a talented singer makes a pleasant break from telling the general manager how to run the MET.

  • Blame it on the viennese pastry shops (althought I find them quite overrated and so I can resist almost any tempation whenever I have to spend time there). Unfortunately, it is also true that the performing arts is a wild world and keeps getting wilder, even for a talented and hard-working artist like Mr. Kaufmann -remember Maria Callas? Speaking of which, let me spoil you with a non-calorie treat: there is a rumor that the ultra-hype auditorium of the new opera house in Athens, wasn’t named after her, because Callas would always be “connected” to Onassis, and the Niarchos family -his eternal rival- who financed the whole project, would never accept it.

    • I have an opinion about the veracity of rumors, but the fact is that there is already a Maria Callas auditorium connected with the Greece’s National Opera. That’s the big auditorium at the Olympia Theater.

  • Kaufmann is a great singer. I don’t care if he’s underweight or overweight by so-called ‘standards’. He’s happily remarried, at the top of his game and may just not be
    emotionally tensed up about his appearance. He’s no longer on the rat race of keeping thin, being the matinee idol on his climb up the operatic ladder.

    He’s also a very nice, very generous man. At his recent performance in California, he gave SIX encore songs. And he was gracious to every one wishing him well. I’ll never forget it. So let’s stop sniping at him about superficial matters. Focus on his music.

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