Horror: NY music school founder is charged with child sex

Horror: NY music school founder is charged with child sex


norman lebrecht

May 17, 2017

Oliver Sohngen, founder and owner of the Long Island City Academy of Music, has been arrested and charged with procuring children for sex, one as young as eight years old.

Sohngen, 52, has been charged with conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, sex trafficking of minors, attempted sex trafficking of minors and attempted inducement of minors to engage in sexual activity. He is being held without bail.

A would-be opera singer from Konstanz in Germany, Sohngen came to the US to study at the Cleveland Institute of Music. When his opera career failed to take off, he opened the music school.

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  • kiwianna111 says:

    You don’t have a twitter share function so this news will not be passed on.

  • James says:

    You fail to mention that he was scheduled to return to Sicily this summer to work as a scenic designer at his teacher and friend Jack Li Vigni’s program, Mediterranean Opera Studio and Festival. Last year he was there and worked closely with soprano Nelly Miricioiu and Salvatore Fisichella.

    • Anonymous says:

      What exactly is your point James? Are you attempting to somehow imply that all former colleagues/friends of Oliver Sohngen are guilty by association? Why not therefore call out each and every one of his former colleagues at Long Island School of music and while you are at it perhaps also attribute blame to his wife/his children? After all that is what your point seems to be. I have worked with all three of these wonderful people/teachers who are true ambassadors of both opera and the art of teaching. Your message is not only ignorant and unintelligible it is also extraordinary dangerous and clearly libellous. I have not, as yet, alerted those named in your message to the fact of the message, however, if it is not removed, I most certainly will.