Has the Brazil Symphony Orchestra lost its beat?

Has the Brazil Symphony Orchestra lost its beat?


norman lebrecht

May 07, 2017

Six years ago, the OSB made world headlines by attempting to sack half its musicians in an ‘upgrade’ under conductor Roberto Minczuk.

Last year, the orcheatra announced a massive deficit and cancelled half its season.

Now we are receving complaints that musicians have not been paid for up to seven months.

Minczuk is still conducting, but how long can this go on?


  • Eric Alterman says:

    I’m surprised this has no comments. It is a severe blow to the arts in Brazil that the city of Rio de Janeiro cannot sustain Brazil’s most historic orchestra, and one of just a handful of full-time orchestras in the entire country. Last I heard, the city, which spent billions on the Olympics last year, reneged on its financial commitment to the orchestra. And I have no idea about the private sponsors. What a travesty, and as a former cellist in this orchestra, who happened to leave just before this all went down, I am so saddened by these developments.

    • glauco says:

      Brazil is a place who pretend to be development and with culture.
      All the time ,classic music was sponsored .It is not in our blood…as samba and other kind of music.
      If goverment do not have enough money to sponsor, public to pay tickets is not enough.
      Is a sad reality,but very true.