Happy days: Sir Bryn Terfel is a Dad again

Happy days: Sir Bryn Terfel is a Dad again


norman lebrecht

May 14, 2017

The popular baritone is celebrating the birth of a baby girl, born to his fiancée, the harpist Hannah Stone.

Sir Bryn, 51, has three sons from his first marriage, which ended in 2013.



  • Myrtar says:

    Is that the picture of one of his daughters?

    • Alexander says:


    • No, it is his pregnant fiancee. She is gorgeous looking and a harpist. He only has 3 sons from 1st marriage that ended 9 yrs ago. I love his voice and actually he is a relative, just like Tom Jones is one. I’d love to hear them sing together.
      My parents would have also admired him. But it is a little disappointing to find out that he is “,just like every other famous gifted man ” and has to Remarry a beautiful much younger blonde. And yes I am a natural blonde who was very attractive and Sings because I am half WELSH. AND WE WERE BORN UNABLE TO NOT SING. AND HE JUST CAME ON MY RADIO SINGING “GIVE ME MY SONG “.IMAGINE BEING MARRIED TO SOMEONE WHO COULD SING TO YOU LIKE HE CAN. TOO BAD HE WASN’T ATTRACTED TO OLDER WOMEN From Canada
      But at any age, it helps to get married 1st. Then bring planned for children into this World.
      Not about morals as much as Every child deserves to be wanted by parents with a legal commitment to be a family for them. But the World is the opposite of what it was 40 yr ago. MUSIC NEVER CHANGES. IT IS THE BREATHE OF LIFE.

  • DESR says:

    I know they grow up quickly these days, but wtf?

  • Sue says:

    51 and night feeds and crying jags. Oh my God!! He can have it!! 65 and hormones, temper tantrums and defiance.