Gergiev declares his income

Gergiev declares his income


norman lebrecht

May 30, 2017

The Russian ministry of culture has published the declared 2016 earnings of the top ten arts millionaires.

Valery Gergiev came top with 154.45 million rubles ($2.73 million).

Vladimir Spivakov was third with 76.14 million ($1.35m).

Yuri Temirkanov and Yuri Bashmet were the other musicians in the ten.

These declarations are not definitive. In a kleptocracy whose president hides his billions in Panama, it would be unrealistic to expect artists to maintain all of their assets in the motherland.




  • Steinway Fanatic says:

    In the interests of full disclosure, it should be noted that Spivakov’s income is largely from art-dealing, which he has been doing since the communist era.

    • David Nice says:

      Though interestingly Spivakov, if I’ve got it right, and certainly Bashmet, Temirkanov and Gergiev are all strongly pro-Putin. Just saying.

  • Sue says:

    I’m increasingly worried about Russia as the years march on!! Those people should be part of Europe and they need to rid themselves of that feral Putin. Each time I see their splendid concerts and conductors, their superlative artists and performances I keep wondering why they are not regarded as European. To me they are and I regard their leader as some kind of renegade outsider.

    • Peter says:

      They are regarded as European. No idea why you think they are not. Even Putin is more European and cultivated than certain scumbags on the helm in the cowardish New World. And let’s not get started who is renegade here actually.
      I would say a country that does illegal wars for decades, puts whole subcontinents into chaos, does unlawful renditions and imprisonments, ignores the Paris climate treaty, does not accept international law, by any rational assessment, such a country has to be named a renegade outsider and danger to the world. Now go back watching Fox News, your favorite fantasy channel.

      • David Nice says:

        So that’s Putin’s little game – to think he can get away with murder et al by having installed a rambling monster in the White House. One wrong does not cancelled out by another. And Gergiev is to blame for having jumped on the Putin bandwagon and compared gays to paedophiles. He should never be allowed to live that one down, fitfully brilliant though he is. And frankly, with Russians of honour in key western posts, like Vladimir Jurowski – a true Mensch – we don’t need him.

        • David Nice says:

          Sorry, should have read ‘does not get cancelled out’.

        • Peter says:

          It’s delusional to blame Trump’s victory on Putin. The in majority retarded American people brought that upon themselves. (and the rest of the world)

  • Cyril Blair says:

    The billionaire cellist is not in the top 10…