Fabio Luisi: Sometimes I just love to listen to the singers

The Italian maestro reflects on his life at the Met. As ever, he’s the soul of discretion.

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  • at least it was interesting, and he is definitely the man of intelligence and culture … singers must love him too … I wonder what would Dude-mel say about his way of making music and leading the orchestra , not to speak about cooperation with stage performers ūüėČ ?

  • Will this wonderful conductor and gentleman remain at the Met in some capacity once Nezet-Seguin begins his music director appointment?

  • Some of us in Philadelphia hope he’ll take on an expanded role here with our orchestra. He’s the only one who can get the sound Sawallisch cultivated, which isn’t surprising, given that Sawallisch was his hero.

  • I liked his work and wonder why the Met just, essentially dumped him. He would have taken over, without a few year wait. Who knows the politics of that decision?

    • He is a fantastic opera conductor, no doubt most qualified for that job. I’m just wondering if he does not like to be the virtuoso when it comes to playing the darling of the patrons and guild in these annoying fund raising events all the time.
      A ‘skill’ that is a necessary evil in the plutocratic realities of the US cultural ivory towers like the Met.

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