El Sistema musicians are ordered to march for the regime

The authorities in Caracas have ordered musicians of the El Sistema orchestra to come out and march on May 1 in support of the Maduro government.



Various musicians have told foreign contacts about threats they have received if they do not turn out as propaganda soldiers.

Last week, the Sistema conductor Gustavo Dudamel called on Venezuela’s politicians to reach a peaceful solution.

No sign of that on the streets today.


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  • It’s perfectly logical. Or did El Sistema think it was getting showered with money and political favours for 18 years because Chávez and Maduro liked classical music?

    Members of the Simón Bolívar and other top Sistema orchestras have been willing and highly paid propaganda soldiers for years. They parade in the world’s top concert halls, so why not in the streets of Venezuela too?

    They embraced the word ‘revolutionary’ years ago, and now it’s time to walk the walk.

    Or are they waiting for Deutsche Grammophon to send a camera team so they can make a DVD? ‘The Promise of Music 2: Payback Time’

    • Isn’t it always so convenient to make self righteous comments from an armchair in the west with a good passport that one got awarded without any particular personal achievement?

        • No, but try to find a reflected and insightful understanding of a relatively complex subject? Instead of spitting cheap and overgeneralizing propaganda?

          • You haven’t actually said anything on the topic yet. Why don’t you share your reflective (NB) and insightful understanding of this subject?

          • OK. How about reporting the facts? The above message is directed to administrative staff and contracted workers of the foundation. Not a single musician is addressed.

  • There’s definitely no danger that American artists will be called upon to support a government that has generously supported them…………

  • Like there is never any US musician doing anything the patrons of his or her orchestra would like them to do. That never happens.

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