Death of a hypnotic US composer, 68

After studies with Terry Riley and Joanna Brouk made her mark among 1970s New Agers with Healing Music.

She stopped composing in 1985 to raise a child and practise transcendental meditation. Last year, she released a major retrospective, Hearing Music. You can read a recent interview here.

Joanna died on April 28, 2017, at the age of 68.

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  • “In 1985, Brouk stopped composing and recording music after moving to San Diego, California, where she married and gave birth to a son, and took up the practice of transcendental meditation.” (WIkipedia)

    Exploration of sounds as something distinct from organized, established performing culture: as unlimited as nature, aimed at being immersed back into nature via music and / or sounds, a very New Agey idea. Inevitably, the subjection to nature in the form of marriage and procreation is the ultimate and natural fulfilment of these ideas.

    • It’s a tough call, but this may be one of your most preposterous and offensive comments to date. Well done!

      • There is nothing wrong with getting married and getting children (both being creative initiatives), my comment merely wanted to say that this woman continued to do the same thing only in different forms. She really did not ‘stop composing’. Nothing offensive in that.

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