Bond just died

The BBC has announced the death of Roger Moore, aged 89.

No other Bond came close.

Epic duel: Bond vs Lotte Lenya (actually, this is Sean Connery)


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  • He was certainly my favorite but the pic is of Sean Connery and Lotte Kenya in From Russia With Love… A good 10 years before Roger took over the role…

  • RIP.

    I thought he was the worst of all the Bonds, but what do I know — I like Mitsuko Uchida 😛

    Having just watched “Goldfinger” again, I got the impression that he had the potential to be a really good actor, but for some reason (probably considered too good-looking) his career never went in a “serious actor” direction.

  • He really “sent up” the character not my idea of a spy, prefer Alec Leamas who was based on one.

  • This has nothing to do with classical music! Sorry he has gone over thought he was a bit OTT, way too many gadgets. Alec Leamas, Richard Burton miles better. What an actual spy looked like.

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