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From the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra:

Who knew ping pong could also become rhythmic instruments? You won’t want to miss our “Ping Pong Diplomacy”, in which composer Andy Akiho features Ping Pong balls as the main “soloist” for the concerto. We will be doing two concerts on the piece, one for mature audiences as part of our Swire Denim, and another for kids as part of our Swire Sunday Family!

Some predictive thoughts from the young Latvian violinist Yevgeny Chepovetsky:

Actively used electronic gadgets will penetrate the concert hall in any case, and this will happen within the next decade. 

The thing is, the next generation of gadgets will look and function quite differently from the modern smartphones. They will become intrinsic to the human body, more invisible and undetectable by others. Checking, scrolling, sharing, clicking, texting, taking pictures and so on will turn to be totally imperceptible. To regulate the use of such gadget in the concert hall would be completely absurd…

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