When a jazz pianist meets a Schubert Lied

This is pianist Jason Rebello with members of the Prince Consort.

We love the shifting tonality.

Let us know what you think.

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  • He’s a wonderful musician and has always been interesting.

    Trained as a concert pianist at the Guildhall, and came to prominence at the same time as the Juilliard-trained Julian Joseph (another very fine pianist).

    His six years with Jeff Beck constituted what many believe to be one of the finest stretches of performance by a small ensemble in the last few decades.

    He has a new album out, called Held:


  • Fantastic. Really gorgeous and deeply moving.

    I don’t see it available online. Could someone note if there is a commercial recording?

  • Cut out the first 4.5 minutes and play Schubert’s great song with a better singer – then I will applaud.

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