What’s a music business worth? $22 billion….

That’s the value placed on Universal Music by its owner, Vivendi, based on advice from investment bankers.

Vivendi, a French water and sewage business, said it had received offers of $15 billion to sell its music offshoot, but these were well below its true value.

By way of comparison, the total value placed on EMI when it was broken up and sold in 2012 was $4.1 billion.

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  • who knows, maybe that (15)number was the very value of their offshoot , all the rest was just marketing trick … any way money is just a mean of appraisal, not a real thing …

  • It would be nice if some very rich Russian oligarch who loves classical music would buy Universal and turn it around into a business that actually cares about the product and its quality again, not only a cash cow and a few empty suits and hipsters in it, who have to serve the bottom line. Otherwise not sure there is hope for that ugly monster of a music business.

    • oligarchs are always the same – greedy, shameless and narrow-minded in what is not related to money directly, regardless if they are Russian or British 🙁

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