Wedding bells: Conductor marries agent

The busy Italian conductor Francesco Cilluffo tied the knot this weekend in Milan with Giulio Castronovo, artist manager at Stage Door Agency.

They are not connected professionally, but have been together for ten years.

We wish them every happiness.


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  • My PA says that she finds it very shocking and morally unacceptable when a musician marries a music agent, upsetting the natural order of the power balance between the party which gives birth to the content and the one who provides the means through which this birth becomes possible. I think she is truly morally affected.

    • It is “news” for NL!!! Because it is politically correct twice:
      1. two gay people
      2. artist and agent, BUT, not the agent of this artist!!!


    • Funny how nobody ever asks “why is this news” when it’s a less-than-world-famous straight couple.

  • The couple’s suits are exquisite. As is the enviable custom of Italian men. Much happiness to the newlyweds.

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