US chamber orchestra calls time out

US chamber orchestra calls time out


norman lebrecht

April 26, 2017

The Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra will not play next season ‘in an effort to gauge the extent of financial support from the community.’

Its final concert this season will be on May 16, and that may be the last.

Heiichiro Ohyama has been music director since 1983.



  • DrummerMan says:

    Santa Barbara is an affluent community but with the SB Symphony already well established there, it’s no wonder that they’re having trouble supporting two orchestras. The “metro” area population is only 400,000+. The Symphony hired a new executive director a few months ago. His former job was executive director of the Chamber Orchestra. Maybe he knew something others didn’t?

  • Karen Freer says:

    That would be a real shame. I played some concerts with them some years ago, they were (and I’m sure still are) an excellent orchestra. I hope people in the community step up to support them.