Tragedy: One of The Choirboys is killed by a train

Tragedy: One of The Choirboys is killed by a train


norman lebrecht

April 19, 2017

Patrick Aspbury, of Chelmsford, was one of three cathedral singers who formed The Choirboys in 2005 and enjoyed a blaze of fame on Decca Records until their voices broke.

Patrick, 23, grew up into a promising young composer.

He was struck last week by a train at Chelmsford station.

There will be an inquest.

l-r: Ben Inman, Patrick Aspbury, and CJ Porter-Thaw


  • V.Lind says:

    Not like SD to give house room to an ALW piece! Though many serious musicians, from he premiere on, have had time for this: I remember watching the premiere from St. Thomas’ Church in New York with Placido and Lorin Maazel. Of course the Pier Jesu struck me, but I thought the Hosanna very jolly — it never left me.

    This is a very sad story.

    • Mikey says:

      I was always partial to the Die Irae in his Requiem (despite Mrs A.L.W. screeching out the high notes).
      The other movement that had parts I liked was the Libera Me.

      The Requiem has always been a sort of dirty little secret guilty pleasure for me, despite the glaring writing errors in it. Otherwise I am SO not a fan of his music.