The orchestra that makes United Airlines ‘flier-friendly’

We thought you might like to be reminded of a recent United ad campaign.

Who will they drag off next?

And which orchestra played on this video?

Now watch the updated parody version:

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  • All those instruments that would not otherwise be allowed on board…not much sense of irony at United.

    And as for the orchestra: not much solidarity with fellow travellers. I imagine they are just a pick-up band of impoverished freelancers who can’t afford to be selective.VV

    • I agree that a commercial like this, coming from United Airlines (or most airlines for that matter), smacks of irony.
      As for the orchestra, if I remember correctly, the musicians seen in the spot are mostly freelance/session and amateur musicians. The orchestra heard in the earlier versions of the spots, safety videos etc was I believe the New York Philharmonic, with the London Symphony Orchestra re-recording the piece for later/updated spots and videos.

  • United’ skiesare friendly. You just don’t want to be on the ground with them.

    So far they haven’t dragged anyone off in-flight.

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