The notes Verdi didn’t want us to see will be going online

The Times reports this morning that the custodians of the Verdi estate are handing over 5,300 pages of the composer’s notes to the Italian state archives.


They include 900 pages of notes on Falstaff, including an instruction that reads ‘burn all these documents’.

The trove, which has been the subject of a prolonged dispute among heirs, will now be digitised and be put online.




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  • … and that is correct…core (classical) cultural values should be shared with all people on the basis of equality and justice . period

  • If Verdi really wanted to ’burn all these documents’ he would have done it himself. Brahms did it.

  • It would be embarrassing to burn everything and then realize “Burn all these documents” was just the title of an aria.


  • “over 5,300 pages of the composer’s notes to the Italian state archives”?

    he wrote that many notes to the italian state archives? tsk, tsk.

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